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Recording Studio

Orbita Studio is a recording professional studio facilities located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Our experienced music producers track, mix and master your Album, EP, Song from star to finish.
We offer a casual relaxed atmosphere with five acoustically treated isolation rooms in our professional studio in Rio de Janeiro.

Orbita Studio access to some of brazilians best session musicians and we are also able to offer songwriting services and vocalists.
So if you are looking for that professional sound that will impress people when they hear it, then let us work with you on your music.

We have recorded over 40 artists/bands since our opening in 1996, and have mixed over 450 songs from many genres, including rock, pop, folk, punk, indie rock, world, jazz, funk, hip-hop and R&B.

The mastering is professional, and finalized through the best equipments, which fulfills all the Redbook Mastering requirements.
The final masters will provide a very good balance between “Loudness” and “Dynamics,” since everyone wants and needs both in their music.
Your music will sound as professional as everything you hear on the radio today.

The highest quality real gold microfones and recording gears / isolated vocal booth / isolated drum booth / instrument rooms
Midi drum triggers.

We are a fully-equipped  SSL Solid State Analogic Room, Protools digital multi-track recording and Logic Pro Digital recording and music production facilities in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.
We can record up many live tracks, in as many as three isolation rooms, for whatever your recording demands.

Record clear and full-sounding drum tracks in our acoustically treated live room with 60 square feets ceilings.

Enjoy free access to any of our instruments or amplifiers at the studio for recording.
We have a soundproofed isolation booth for recording vocals or voice over demos. You can track, mix and master your album, EP or demo from start to finish in a comfortable, friendly and creative environment.

Featuring over many in-house instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, vintage amps, keyboards, vintage synthetizers , basses, drums, acoustic piano.
We offer the soul of *real* instruments to help truly make your recordings unique and full of life.
ProTools/ Logic Studio Pro/ SSL/ Avalon/ Newmann / Hammond/ Fender Rhodes/ Nord / MPC / Moog/ Korg/

Let Us Mix & Master Your Next Album : Online Music Mixing and Mastering
We have many clients from out of town who either email or post-mail the files rather than travel to Rio de Janeiro. Long distance projects can be done with payments made by check or credit card through Pay-Pal.

Orbita Studio Productions is also an independent music label formed by brazilian artists interested in developing original art, music, films and ideas.

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