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Humanish, rocked!

Humanish, rocked!
26 de October de 2011 Orbita Music

Brazilian music has a new sound with the band’s debut Humanish, with an unprecedented sound, coming from the mixture of modern, heavy and swinging seventies climates, without leaving asidethe Brazilian roots. Formed by musicians who had already passed through major national groups of the alternative scenario that played at festivals and opening for bands like Placebo, Pixies, TeenageFanclub, Weezer, Mercury Rev and others, the band featured Carlos Trilha to produce their debut album.

A strong characteristic of the band is to have two vocalists and training have a “different”, replacing the severe low for a baritone guitar and synthesizer, with the saxophone, drums, percussion and guitar – expanding horizons of sounds and interpretations. With this mixture, Humanish show takesthe listener a modern synthesized sounds and valuing dynamic for those who like good music.

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The fruits of labor have begun to be harvested. The single “Eu acredito em você” released last year was highlighted at Rolling Stone Magazine and is in the list of bets on the site for 2011 Rock In Press, specialized in brazilian music scenario.

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