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Thiago Mendonça actor plays Renato Russo – Somos Tão Jovens

Thiago Mendonça actor plays Renato Russo – Somos Tão Jovens
17 de December de 2011 Orbita Music

The actors Thiago Mendonça, Bruno and Sergio Torres Dalcin rehearsing under the tutelage of Carlos Trilha. “Somos Tão Jovens” film they will play Renato Russo, Fê Lemos e André Pretorius (Petrus) the original lineup of “Aborto Elétrico” band.

The “Revista do Cinema Brasileiro” visited the studio where the actors are rehearsing for the “We Are So Young – Somos Tão Jovens”, a film about Renato Russo . The reporter Marcelo Goulart did interviews with director Antonio Carlos Fontoura, with the music producer Carlos Trilha and the actors Thiago Mendonça and Bruno Torres.



Brasilia, 1976. Prisoner in his room by an illness, Renato, 16, dreams to become a rock star. Five year later, creating the band Legião Urbana, he initiates the path of the most important Brazilian rock band of all times and becomes the spokesman of a new urban legion of Brazilian youngsters.

Festival Winner in Best Director and Best Editing:

Director: Antonio Carlos da Fontoura
Cast: Thiago Mendonça, Laila Zaid, Bruno Torres, Olivia Torres, Daniel Passi, Sergio Dalcin, Nicolau Villa Lobos, Sandra Corveloni, Marcos Breda
Producer: Canto Claro Produções Artísticas
Director of Photography: Alexasndre Ernel
Make Up Artist: Rosemary Paiva
Soundtrack: Carlos Trilha on Renato Russo songs
Wardrobe: Veronica Julian
Editor: Dirceu Lustosa

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